Post 300, Block Editor and Other Nonsense

By Eilene Lyon

Well here I am. When I clicked on “Write” the same old classic editor appeared, so it seems the forced changeover to block editor is on hold. Or maybe it was all just a scare. Or perhaps I’m just being given a little grace period. Who knows?

Yes, this is my 300th blog post, just shy of 2-1/2 years of blogging. That’s a lot of words pumped out, enough for one or two books! But there’s nothing comprehensive to put into a book at this point.

Thought I’d just share a few miscellaneous photos with you today. A Christmas present for The Putterer was a dog-sled ride. We both went, though I was still experiencing some pain in my surgical knee. If the path hadn’t been so bumpy, riding on the sled would have been fine. I actually found it more pleasant to stand on the sled rail in back with our driver.

Riding the dog sled in La Plata Canyon.

We went out for a hike in the mountains a couple weeks ago. It was the first trail test for my new knee and all was well. Sterling, of course, was also happy to be back out in the National Forest again. I’m looking forward to doing many more hikes this summer.

Sterling poses pretty on the Purgatory Flats trail in the San Juan Mountains.
The Cascade Creek canyon on the Purgatory Flats trail.

Last fall, I planted a new flower garden on the south side of the house, populating it with poppies and delphiniums. This is the first of the poppy blossoms. Only one poppy plant and one delphinium died over the winter, so I’ll call this a success.


On Saturday, the Durango Bird Club held its spring bird count, but without car-pooling and with observing social distancing. One couple joined me to walk the length of my rural road (about 4 miles round trip). Near the south end of the road, I nearly stepped on this beautiful 6 foot bull snake.


I’ll be back with more 52 Ancestors posts later this week. My new computer is scheduled for delivery on Thursday, so the latter part of the week should be rather interesting!

54 thoughts on “Post 300, Block Editor and Other Nonsense

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  1. I love the San Juan Mountains! So beautiful and tranquil. Sterling seems to appreciate them too. 😉

    I was relieved the Classic Editor was still in place, even as I made peace with the Block. I guess I’m fine with either, but just as soon not change if I don’t have to!

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  2. I also was delighted to see that the “improved” version of the WordPress editor has not yet taken over and ruined my life! I dread it, but I’ve heard that there still will be a way to return to the Classic Editor. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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  3. Happy 300th post! 🙂 They tried to switch me to block editor awhile back. If they do try it on you again, you can go back to classic when you start typing. When they ask you to add a block, there are styling options on the right-hand side. If you choose “classic,” you should be good to go with the regular way 🙂

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  4. Your photos are lovely, I’m glad your knee was okay. Is your dog Sterling a labrador? When I was a child we had neighbours (well, their garden – yard – backed onto ours) who had a lovely lab.

    I’ve got a new blog (link in my current post) and in one of the posts I’ve talked about how to get back to the classic editor, should you need to. But I have a feeling that those of us who are using the classic editor in the old dashboard (reached by putting /wp-admin after our blog address) won’t get the block editor anyway. The ‘in between’ editor is one that was brought in just a few years ago, and is different from both. People who’ve been using that have probably never used the classic editor. I know it’s confusing, but let’s just hope things continue as they have been doing.

    I hope you’re well, Eilene, sorry I’ve not been reading blogs much, for a while, so may have missed a lot of your posts.

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    1. Hi Val, I just read your post and followed your new blog (though I haven’t read it yet). It seems that WP has just thrown a lot of confusion at people who don’t use the block editor.

      Sterling is a mutt – possibly part Great Pyrenees. All sweetheart.

      My knee is doing pretty well. I had a hard recovery, but it was worth it to be able to walk again. I love walking!

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      1. It’s a wonder that we can now replaced our damaged and worn out joints. It feels good to be able to walk again without fear I’ll end up in too much pain to make it back home. What will go next? Ah, isn’t aging fun?!


    1. Thanks for the congratulations and compliments! It’s a beautiful hike. I chose it because you go downhill on the way out and uphill back. I knew I could climb, but descending would be my weak point. Too many other people out, though.

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      1. I worry a bit about everyone getting too isolated. Phones and Zoom are no substitute for real FTF interaction. I fear society may be crippled and need rehabilitation after all this.

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  5. Here is the link to the WordPress post about the editors. Should clear up the confusion!
    In the comments, there is this explanation:
    – To clarify, there are currently three editors available on The older editor that we’re retiring looks like this: The two editors that will remain are the block editor which looks like this: and the classic editor, which looks like this:

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  6. Looks like the one that I am using will be the one retiring. Too bad, it is easy to use! I went back to it, found the newest one too frustrating. I know I’ll eventually figure it out, but I’d rather not have to… The hike looked wonderful! Glad to hear the knee held up. Not sure how much hiking in the woods I’ll get to do this year. Provincial parks are not allowing campers from outside their own provinces. My son and I are talking about doing canoe trip in a National Park here in SK this summer, but so far back country camping isn’t allowed yet, only day use.

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    1. Yes, those of us who began blogging in or around 2018 are the ones being affected by this editor change. Ugh.

      Well, I do hope you will get out to hike and camp this summer. It doesn’t seem like a risky activity, in fact, the opposite. We have a lot of public land here that is not in parks. If that’s true in SK, then it’s worth looking around for alternatives.

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  7. The editor I have been using and the only one I know is the one to be retired too. I never used the classic editor, as I’ve only been on here 3 years. It was my understanding from talking to one of the WP tech people a week or so ago, that the “migration to the new block editor” (his words) would start June 2, but I suspect it will take awhile to switch everyone over. At least that’s what I think he meant, it wouldn’t happen for everyone overnight.

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    1. Yes, we seem to be the cohort affected by this change. I thought what I was using was the classic editor, but I’ve just learned in the past couple days that it isn’t. Well, I will just face the steep learning curve when it presents itself. Maybe I’ll even learn to like it!

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  8. My understanding is that the Classic Editor will be supported until 2022. We can use it as is until then. Therefore I’ll be doing so because the Block Editor seems like it’s more trouble than it is worth.

    Congratulations on your 300th Post. Blogging is fun once you get the hang of it, and you’ve proved that you’ve done that. Carry on.

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    1. It turns out that the editor I’m using was introduced a few years ago and is not the classic editor, so I will need to learn one of the other two. Makes more sense to learn the block since classic will eventually go away, too.

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  9. Congrats on your 300th post! I’ve always wanted to try dog sledding – it looks so fun! You scared me a bit with the whole block editor thing, but based on the comments above, I must be using the classic one. Hopefully that’ll stick around for a while yet!

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  10. I decided that if they made me switch, that was it for WP. And then a friend told me I could still go in under admin, because that will always be there.

    As for the captures, I love em. 🙂

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    1. The bull snake, aka gopher snake, is very common around here. They’re not really dangerous and help keep rodents under control. But they love to mimic rattlesnakes, making a hissing that sounds very much like a rattler, and even shaking their tail end like it has a rattle. And they really act like they’ll strike at you, but I’ve not heard of them actually doing so (they’re a type of constrictor).

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