52 Ancestors 2020

This page compiles my blog posts for the Amy Johnson Crow project 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks for 2020.

*H=Halse, G=Gusso, S=Smith, D=Davis

Week Prompt/Theme Blog post

Feature person

Branch H, G, S, D* Relationship to me
1 Fresh Start Back to the FANs

Henry and Abigail Jenkins

D 3rd great-grandparents
2 Favorite Photo Jenkins Cousins

Clara Pearl Ransom

D Great-grandmother
3 Long Line Old York Road

Stephen Jenkins

D 7th great-grandfather
4 Close to Home Buried in Colorado

Lydia Springer and Henry E. Gusso

G 3rd great-aunt and 2nd great-uncle
5 So Far Away The Asian Affair

My nuclear family

H Self and immed. family
6 Same Name Did He Serve?

Samuel Jones

D 1st cousin 4x removed
7 Favorite Discovery Reunited

Carl and Dorothea Gaszow

G 3rd great-grandparents
8 Prosperity The Hoteliers – Part 1

Mary Agnes Ransom

D 3rd great-aunt
9 Disaster The Hoteliers – Part 2

May W. Stahl and E.G. Millikan

D 1st cousin 3x removed
10 Strong Woman Christina’s Challenges

Christina Mock

D 3rd great-grandmother
11 Luck Lucky Me!


n/a n/a
12 Popular Motoring

Charles Edward Smith

S great-grandfather
13 Nearly Forgotten Uncovering the Dead

Benjamin Hull Jones

D 1st cousin 4x removed
14 Water The Jewel of Idaho

S and B Smith

S Mother and aunt
15 Fire The Fire

Clare Ransom Davis

D Grandmother
16 Air Flying Fortress Falls

John Paul “Jack” Laird

D 4th cousin 1x removed
17 Land Deeds to Diplomas

Clara Pearl Ransom

D Great-grandmother
18 Where There’s a Will Saving Grace

William Zane Jenkins

D 3rd great-uncle
19 Service She Loved To Serve

Inez Lucinda Halse

H great-aunt
20 Travel Postcards

Laurence & Clare Smith

S grandparents
21 Tombstone Not a Centenarian

Nancy Ary

H 4th great-grandmother
22 Uncertain Mea Culpa

Franklin Self

H 1st cousin 4x removed
23 Wedding They Peel Right Merrily

Granville J. Fawcett

H 3rd great-uncle
24 Handed Down The Doily

Reatha Gusso Halse

G Grandmother
25 Unexpected Paintersville, Ohio

David Painter

H 5th great-grandfather
26 Middle Mid-Century Kids

Margaret and Thomas L. Bedford

D 1st cousins 4x removed
27 Solo Game Night

Halse family

H n/a
28 Multiple A Twin For James

James Ransom

D 3rd great-grandfather
29 Newsworthy Justice for Mrs. Loftus

Sterling Price Davis

D great-grandfather
30 The Old Country Homeland

various German ancestors

G n/a
31 Large The Trailblazer

Ebenezer Zane and Isaac Zane

D 1st cousins 7x removed
32 Small Big On Talent

Elmer Jens Davis

D 2nd great-uncle
33 Troublemaker Philadelphia Firestorms

Henry Z Jenkins, Abigail Bedford, Ann W. Zane, Thomas and Jane Bedford

D 3rd and 4th great-grandparents
34 Chosen Family And Ona Makes Three

Arthur L. Ransom

D 2nd great-uncle
35 Unforgettable How We Vanish


n/a n/a
36 Labor The Engineer

Laurence M. Smith

S Grandfather
37 Back to School The Cutting School

Arthur N. Cutting

H 2nd great-grandfather
38 On the Map
39 Should Be a Movie
40 Oldest
41 Newest
42 Proud
43 Quite the Character
44 Scary Stuff
45 Bearded
46 Different Language
47 Good Deeds
48 Gratitude
49 Oops
50 Witness to History
51 Winter
52 Resolution

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