How Rude!

By Eilene Lyon

I never expected a problem, really. We have wildlife all around our home: deer browsing the shrubs, robins stripping berries from the juniper, chipmunks burying seeds in the flower pots, raccoons in the rafters, mice roaming the dark interior of our walls.

Raccoon in the front porch rafter.

Frankly, the dogs never did much to stem the tide, and Kyra, the Sentry, has been gone for months now. Sterling, having inherited the mantel of guard dog, duly alerts us if a bear comes around, but any lesser being is beneath his dignity to utter even a minor “Woof.”

So why the fox has taken such a mercenary attitude towards our beleaguered pup is a mystery. This vixen is not jumping over any lazy brown dog here. Oh, no. Lazy – mostly. Brown – not a tinge.

Can you see this fox laughing at us?

Yet for some reason, a few weeks ago, we found fox scat on the old dog bed we keep in front of the garage for Sterling to lounge on after his daily walk. How rude! Sterling took it in stride, as he is wont to do.

“What did I do to deserve that?”

“Humph” I said, tossing the offending turds into the woods.

Despite Sterling’s laissez faire stance, Foxy decided to up the ante. Before you could say, “Piss up a rope, ya auld scalawag,” that little canine curmudgeon decided to start taking a dump in Sterling’s water bowl! (I am not making this up. See for yourself.)

Offending matter in Sterling’s water bowl.

And it began happening regularly, forcing us to take preventive measures. Why should Sterling have to endure such an insult? Or maybe I’m reading Foxy’s intention all wrong. What do you think?

“Maybe there are no fox turds in here?”

Feature image: Gray fox in our back yard.

38 thoughts on “How Rude!

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  1. Wow… I’ve never heard of anything like this! How weird – and a little bit funny? (Sorry)
    The fox we’ve seen in our neighborhood in very skittish and I can’t get a good shot of him. They are pretty animals, but yours isn’t being a good neighbor at all!

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    1. I think it’s sort of hilarious, myself.😆 I simply can’t imagine why the fox would take the trouble, you know. We have both red and gray foxes around, and I really don’t have a clue which particular animal was doing this.

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  2. Poor Sterling! That was some nasty looking poop in his water! We’ve got a fox that keeps jumping up on our garden wall every night and is sometimes scared away by one of the neighbours’ cats that also like to hang out in our garden. I’m not sure what they want exactly, but the cats definitely poop in our garden; not noticed any fox turds specifically though!

    Liked by 1 person

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