A Short Hiatus

Dear Readers,

I’ve concluded a year of blogging with “52 Ancestors” and a total of 160 posts (including this one). I have many ideas for future posts, so I do plan to continue the blog. However, I need to focus my attention for the next 6 to 8 weeks on other writing projects. There’s a book draft to complete and queries to write and send, etc.

Probably the best part of blogging has been meeting all of you. I’ve followed many wonderful blogs – some seem to have vanished, unfortunately. I can’t acknowledge everyone here, but I wanted to share some of my favorites. Maybe you’ll find a new blogger buddy!

Naturally, I read a number of fellow family historians. Luanne at The Family Kalamazoo was one of my earliest followers and a great mentor. Other favorites include Joy Neal Kidney, Jamie at Applegate Genealogy, Paula Pederson, Christine at Christine’s Genealogy Musings, and Scott at Wrenacres. They all know how to share family stories in a compelling way – not just a bunch of facts thrown together. There are many, many others, but I don’t want to overwhelm you!


There are many great travel blogs out there. Two I enjoy are Anabel at the Glasgow Gallivanter, who travels around the British Isles and northern Europe, and Jessica at Diverting Journeys who shares unique, interesting museums in Europe and the U. S.

My philosophical friends (and maybe that’s not the best category, but I’m at a loss how to classify some blogs), include Jim at the Common Atheist who offers cures for the common religion; Tom at his Nature-Up-Close Photography and Mindfulness blog; and a genius with words, Marc at Sorryless, who sometimes adds great music videos to illustrate his work.

Naturally, I gravitate to history and I love the variety shown in these blogs. Irene at My Slice of Mexico shares beautifully illustrated step-by-step recipes from her native land, and also the history behind the recipes and/or the events that the foods are used to celebrate. Allen Rizzi has led a fascinating life and shares history of music in many of his blog posts. Ruth at Historian Ruby enlightens me about British history and the royals. Military history is MBHenry’s forte, and she’s also a fine poet with her “Let Me Tell You How I Died” epic.

Speaking of poets, a couple I especially enjoy are Heather at Sgeoil, who amazes me with her pithy poems created from daily prompts, and Jim at Stop Dragging the Panda, who experiments with a variety of verse forms (he explains what they are) and occasionally waxes political (mostly I avoid politics, but his are amusing).


Fine storytelling is a real talent that these bloggers share: Greg at Almost Iowa gives us a slice of real-life humor from what may seem like just an ordinary day. Ally at The Spectacled Bean has a way expressing her experiences with a unique voice. Meg Sorick shares some of her historical research about WWI, but is also in the midst of writing a piece of suspenseful serial fiction called “Inhuman.” C.J. at Feeding on Folly is an excellent humorist, sometimes writing fiction, sometimes true-life stories, accompanied by her clever illustrations.

Lastly, I want to give two-thumbs up to these two storytelling masters, who not only make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud, but who have proven over and over what incredibly sensitive and generous individuals they are. They have inspired me to be kinder and more giving in my daily life. Thank you to Susannah at athingirldotcom and the incomparable Britchy One at Bitchin’ in the Kitchen.

Thank you all for sharing your writing with the world.

Wishing you all a fabulous New Year!! See you in February!


What I’ll really be doing if it snows!

45 thoughts on “A Short Hiatus

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  1. Thanks so much for the kind words. Looking forward to seeing what you have in mind for your return. I’m using this turn of the new year to figure out where to focus my attention this coming year as well. I think that most of the easy stories are told now and new posts will require a bit more work. But that’s what makes it fun – to find the story and then to tell it.

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  2. Thank you so much for adding me to the list of bloggers you enjoy, I am honoured. Now I have some new bloggers to explore from your recommendation. I hope you have a productive and enjoyable blogging break, Hopefully you’ll get the opportunity to push some of the white stuff around!

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  3. Thanks for the name-check! I’m definitely going to follow some of the blogs you do! I’m excited to see what you recommend – or is it the promise of a lovely Mexican meal washed down with a Margarita!
    I hope you accomplish all you plan to on your break from blogging – I’m due to start a pretty heavy work course and will have to adjust my schedule accordingly, too. I’ve used that scary word, schedule . . .

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  4. Thank you for including me in your kudos. I’m printing your blog so I can meet your other favorites in 2019. The holiday break should renew us all.

    Best to you during your hiatus, and also on the slopes. I brought my XC skies when I moved from Maine to NC, and managed a few “glides” in the rare sloppy snows. Now at 85 I don’t bother because it is too hard to get up when I fall.

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  5. Having spent the past hour or so checking out the linked blogs in your post, I’ve returned to wish you a belated happy xmas (well, there are at least 11 days of it left, so maybe not that belated) and coming new year. I hope you achieve what you want in the time you’ll be taking off from the blog… that always helps me when I take a blogging break, too. I had intended to return early in the new year but as I’ve not yet left the blogosphere for that break… well !

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  6. Thanks for your kind mention, Eilene. I’m looking forward to reading more of your entries. Like you I have other projects to attend to, namely completing a new musical and getting that pesky new book published in German. Wishing you all the best in the new year!

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  7. Eilene, aren’t you sweet?! Thank you so much for the mention. I am glad to see you taking the time to really focus on your other writing projects, although I will be awaiting your return here haha. But I completely understand. Sometimes I feel very stretched, and then I know I need to scale it back to put my focus somewhere else for awhile. I hope your holidays have been lovely and HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Luanne. I feel like I’m on a roll and need to stick with it. I won’t abandon the blog, though; it’s a lot of fun to do. I’ll look forward to visiting with you next year. Have a wonderful and productive 2019, and most of all have a great time!

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  8. Eilene,

    Firstly, a most humble and heartfelt thank you for the beautiful mention!

    Nextly, I am grateful to have crossed paths with you on the blogosphere. Your blog always brings its A game to the mystery of history. Your research is remarkable and the way in which you weave these real life tales, delightful.

    Lastly, enjoy your time away!

    Blessings and peace

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    1. Marc,
      You are most welcome. I am always awed at not only your posts, but the fun, creative comments you dispense on others’ blogs, including mine. You make me think! Have a great new year. May 2019 be your best yet!

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  9. It has been so much fun to follow your ancestry challenge, as well as your other posts. I wish you and your family the best for a Happy New Year, and a productive and positive experience for you during your hiatus from your blog. Thank you so much for reading my posts, providing great feedback and mentioning my blog in this post. I am looking forward to reading your new entries upon your return!

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  10. I totally understand the need for a hiatus! I’ve taken one for the last few months myself! Now I’m back an looking forward to reading more of your posts and others. Take care and good luck with your other project(s).

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  11. Eilene, I finally looped back to this post with the blog recommendations. It’s so well written; I love how you grouped bloggers and gave a sense of what they were about. I was about to head to bed but I’m afraid I may be here a while, reading new blogs!

    Thanks for sharing this on my one-year-anniversary blog post. Your share was a lovely gift.

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