52 Ancestors 2019

This page compiles my blog posts for the Amy Johnson Crow project 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks for 2019.

*H=Halse, G=Gusso, S=Smith, D=Davis

Week Prompt/Theme Blog post

Feature person

Branch H, G, S, D* Relationship to me
1 First Early German Lutherans

Georg and Eva Paul

S 5th great-grandparents
2 Challenge Crossing an Ocean with Kids

Eliza Jane Drake

H 3rd great-grandmother
3 Unusual Name A Frontier Hostess and Midwife

Meltha Lucinda Painter

H 2nd great-grandmother
4 I’d Like to Meet I Want Answers, Dammit!

Ann Widdifield Zane

D 4th great-grandmother
5 At the Library The Huntington

Henry Zane Jenkins

D 3rd great-grandfather
6 Surprise The Stepmother

Jennie E. Wallace

S Wife of great-grandfather
7 Love Norman and Delores

Norman and Delores Gusso

G Great-uncle and -aunt
8 Family Photo The Tavern

Mathias and Dorethe Nordt

G 2nd great-grandparents
9 At the Courthouse A Postal Crime

Clifford G. Cutting

H 2nd great-uncle
10 Bachelor Uncle The Odd Brothers

William R.  and Fred Ransom

D 2nd great-uncles
11 Large Family Fecundity

Samuel Paul

S 3rd great-grandfather
12 12 A Baker’s Dozen

Guy and Mabel Halse family

H Great-grandparents
13 In the Paper Stranger Than Fiction

Adolph J. Dills

G 2nd great-grandfather
14 Brick Wall Drake Family Chronicles

Samuel & Eliza J. Drake

H 4th great-grandparents
15 DNA Unintended Consequences


G n/a
16 Out of Place Drake Family Chronicles: Part 3

Samuel Drake family

H various
17 At Worship Preacher Man

Robert Ransom

D 2nd great-grandfather
18 Road Trip About Cousins

Samuel Jones

D 1st cousin 4x removed
19 Nurture Grandma Johnson Saves a Life

Clarence Halse

H 1st cousin 3x removed
20 Nature The Botanist

Clara Pearl Ransom

D Great-grandmother
21 Military “Local Marine Alive, Well”

Rosswell Rolando Halse

H 2nd cousin 1x removed
22 At the Cemetery St. Anthony’s Fire

Humphrey Anderson

D 4th great-uncle
23 Namesake Saddled With The South

Sterling Price Davis

D Great-grandfather
24 Dear Diary Laundry Soap

Laurence M. Smith

S Grandfather
25 Earliest A Lush Life

James & Elizabeth Ransom

D 3rd great-grandparents
26 Legend First Ascent

Elias D. Pierce

D Husband of 1st cousin 4x removed
27 Independent A Widow Perseveres

Mary Paulina Rowley

H 3rd great-grandmother
28 Reunion Don’t Wait ‘Til Too Late

Guy and Mabel (Cutting) Halse

H great-grandparents
29 Challenging Will the Real David Jenkins Please Stand Up?

David Jenkins

D 4th great-grandfather
30 Easy The Instant Tree H, S n/a
31 Brother The Drummer

Steven Arthur Halse

H Brother
32 Sister One Stayed Home

Elizabeth Sorby Halse

H 3rd great-aunt
33 Comedy Alias Addison Porter

Addison W. Porter

D Husband of 2nd cousin 3x removed
34 Tragedy Untethered

Florence R. Jones

D 2nd cousin 3x removed
35 At Work Made in Madison

Catherine Delle

G 4th great-aunt
36 School Days The Schoolgirl

Reatha Gusso

G grandmother
37 Mistake History Repeats

Thomas Harvey Ransom

D 1st cousin 3x removed
38 Cousins Not Kissing

Laurence M. Smith

S Grandfather
39 Map It Out Wrong-Way Emily – Part 1

Robert Ransom

D 2nd great-grandfather
40 Harvest Lewiston Peaches

Charles Edward Smith

S Great-grandfather
41 Context Smiths vs. the Wilderness

Samuel Smith

S 4th great-grandfather
42 Adventure Wrong-Way Emily – Part 2

Robert Ransom

D 2nd great-grandfather
43 Transportation Wrong-Way Emily – Part 3

Robert Ransom

D 2nd great-grandfather
44 Trick or Treat The Slide Years: Costumes

Eilene (Halse) Lyon

H Self
45 Rich Man Lone Star

Elizabeth Myrtle Halse

H 1st cousin 3x removed
46 Poor Man Good Intentions

Henry Zane Jenkins

D 3rd great-grandfather
47 Soldier Minnesota Pills

Hiram B. Cutting

H 3rd great-grandfather
48 Thief Trip Around The World

William C. Ransom

D 3rd great-uncle
49 Craft Crafty Man

Laurence M. Smith

S grandfather
50 Tradition Ceremonies various
51 Future Preserving The Past n/a
52 You The Gift of Life self

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